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Os Mutantes
CD - 1 item(s)
Pop/Rock / Mutantes (2020)
Novissimo album da banda brasileira de Rock Psicodelico, formada pro: S?rgio Dias (guitarras, violao, vocais), Esmeria Bulgari (vocais e precussoes), Henrique Peters (teclados, piano e vocais), Claudio Tchernev (bateria e vocais), Vinc?us Junqueira (baixo) e Camilo Macedo (vocais, guitarra e violao). S?o 11 can??es in?ditas, sendo duas em portugu?s e 9 em Ingles.
Brand new album by this Brazilian Psychedelic Rock band, formed by: S?rgio Dias (guitars, guitar, vocals), Esmeria Bulgari (vocals and precussions), Henrique Peters (keyboards, piano and vocals), Claudio Tchernev (drums and vocals), Vinc?us Junqueira (bass) and Camilo Macedo (vocals, guitar and violao). There are 11 unpublished songs, 2 in Portuguese and 9 in English.
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track list
01 - Beyond
02 - Mutant’slonelly night
03 - The last silver bird
04 - Candy
05 - Gay matters
06 - We love you
07 - Window Herrors
08 - Por que nao
09 - Tempo e espaço
10 - Zzyzk
11 - Void
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