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Saulo Roston
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Mais Que Nunca e Preciso Cantar (SONGBOOK) (x2)
Cris Delanno
SONGBOOK - 2 item(s)
International / SHOWSCRIS (2009)
Livro Direcionado a cantores profissionais e amadores, a autora ensina conceitos e dicas muito úteis, segundo confirmam as entrevistas com Leila Pinheiro, Oswaldo Montenegro, Gilberto Gil e Roberto Menescal, entre outros. Acompanha CD com exemplos e tecnicas.
CD Book (In Portuguese) on how to sing. The chapters give instructions on the different methods of singing and the CD gives the exercises to listen and practice the sounds in private. The student can practice in their bedroom, car, hotel room, etc. The enterviews are from Famous Brasilian performers who tell how they improved their singing; example: Singer Gilberto Gil tells how Stevie Wonder helped his voice. 110 pages.
Prices are in Brazilian Reais (R$). Prices in other currencies are quoted for information only, based on exchange rates on day of ordering . Please direct any question to
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Bossa Is Her Name Cris Delanno & Nelson Faria MPB SHOWSCRIS CD
(1 items)
CDNF2018 - not available
1 pages,       1
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