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Cronicas Sonoras de Cabo Verde
Marco Scarassatti
K7 - 1 item(s)
Instrumental / La Petite (2019)
Fita Cassete/ Edi¨‹o Limitada de 50 c—pias em Fita Cassete do ‡lbum "Cr™nicas Sonoras de Cabo Verde" do artista Marco Scarassatti. A fita vem em uma luva + postal com c—digo para dowload do disco + suplemento liter‡rio.
Cassette Tape/ Limited Edition of the album "Brevi‡rio dos P‡ssaros" by artist Sentidor. Educator, instrument builder and sound artist Marco Scarassatti dodges the tendency to isolate in an intellectual vacuum the individuals and their dynamics, managing to point his own sensibilities outwards. By doing so, he has crafted an organic sonic work, not turning fragments of perceived alterity into a shiny and calm surface on which judgements and expectations are vainly reflected and peacefully confirmed, but rather becoming himself, along with his artistic choices.
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